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Robert D. Preijers

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Contact Information:
Name: Robert D. Preijers, PsyD
Business: PreijersMak, LLC (PM)
LinkedIn: Robert Preijers LinkedIn Profile
County/State: Orange County, California
Qualifications, Services and Business Activities:
PreijersMak, LLC (PM) co-founders are industry leaders in managing Targeted Violence, Insider Threats, Threat Management and Crisis Management for commercial, not for profit, and government organizations. With over 50 years of combined U.S. Federal & local law enforcement experience, 19 years of combined Behavioral Profiling expertise, Doctorates in Clinical Forensic Psychology, and teamed with proven and trusted network of threat management and protective intelligence professionals -- PM understands challenges facing an organization’s people, property and processes.

Our threats for tomorrow will be either internal or external requiring all organizations to consider their plan to stay ahead of concerning threat challenges. PM’s comprehensive experience in recognizing and managing threats can assist an organization to prosper by guiding them through the uncertain threat challenges and avoiding gaps in security and investigative approaches. PM blends investigative and operational experiences with psychological and behavioral knowledge, grounded in counterintelligence principles to successfully protect your business.

Some of our Consultation Services to help organizations:
  • Provide threat assessment and management services to identify, assess, and mitigate the serious risk of targeted violence, insider exploitation and theft, or defacement to an individual or organization’s brand.
  • Provide guidance with implementation strategies for an organization’s security programs to prevent, react, and respond to a crisis that impact the workforce.
Here is why PM can help you in addressing your tomorrows’ threat concerns.

Our credentials stem from our experience, knowledge and education. We are former liaison officers for the FBI, with trusted relationships with key defense industry security and business leaders. We have and continue to support emerging targeted and insider threat activities for critical and national infrastructure. As industry leaders in the detection and management of threats, we have shaped and guided defense, commercial and academic communities in recognition, early detection and management of threats.

PM is ready to help guide your organization.

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