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FAQs and more information about this
Former FBI Agents website:
Information Accuracy:

The information on the list is provided voluntarily by those listed. A limited effort is made to verify that those submitting the information are former FBI Agents. However you, as a user of the information, should do your own due diligence to verify the accuracy. The information provided by the listees is only reviewed by website personnel for obvious errors/typos.

If you have a listing on this site and want to make changes, please send an email to the address on the How to Submit page.

Please also reach out if you have other concerns about this website.

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Privacy and Security Concerns:

Some have rightfully expressed concerns over an open list on the Internet of former FBI Agents. These concerns are valid, and former Agents wanting to be on the list will need to carefully weigh their privacy/security concerns vs. the benefits of being listed. Many of the Agents who chose to be listed are those who already have websites and/or social media profiles on the Internet identifying them as former Agents.

No Contract/No Obligation/No Liabillity

This Former FBI Agents website has no contract with the users and listees of this website. It is not responsible for any damages or losses resulting from the misuse of this information, or from errors and/or omissions in the information on this website.

Free - No Charge

There is no charge for using this site, and Former FBI Agents are not charged for having their information listed. Agents are only listed if they request it, and their information is removed upon request.

Who Manages Former FBI?

Former FBI is managed by a retired FBI Agent named Chris Nelson. Mr. Nelson retired in January 2014 out of the San Diego Division after 26 years of service.

Periodic Updates

Former FBI periodically checks the listings for currency and accuracy. Profiles that cannot be verified, or which are obviously out of date, are removed in whole or in part. For example, links to websites and LinkedIn profiles, if found to be incorrect, would be removed. If you have a profile on this site, and you need to make changes, please email the address on the How to Submit page.

Other Sites Listing FBI Agents:

Other sites you might want to check for former FBI Agents are and Those sites are not affiliated with Former FBI.

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